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Personalised Child's hand/foot print Mug

Capture those tiny hands & feet forever.
Number of Prints:
Colour for print 1 (pink,purple,blue,orange or green):
Colour for print 2 (pink,purple,blue,orange or green):
Colour for print 3 (pink,purple,blue,orange or green):
Colour for print 4 (pink,purple,blue,orange or green):
Text for main body of mug:
Text for mug handle:
Would you like your child's name and age around prints?:
Name and age for print 1 (if required and if chosen above):
Name and age for print 2 (if required and if chosen above):
Name and age for print 3 (if required and if chosen above):
Name and age for print 4 (if required and if chosen above):
I have noted the size of the mug and:
Text for mug base:
Method of sending prints to us:
This is a beautiful bone china mug, made even more beautiful with the addition of your child's hand or feet prints..
These mugs are such a special way to preserve the memories of their little hands and feet which grow big far too quickly!
They make lovely gifts for parents or grandparents, aunties or uncles and even as thank you gifts for Godparents. They make the perfect gift for practically anyone for any occasion!
To create this mug, once you have placed your order, we will send you a kit containing special paper and a magic 'inkless wipe', (plus full instructions of course!) making it really easy to take a foot or handprint of your child/children. Once you have done this, you can either scan them in and send us the file or put them back in the prepaid envelope we provide and pop them in the post to us. Please note, your prints will be black at this stage - don't panic! We'll magically change their colour later and can tidy up any little smudges too.
If you choose to scan your prints your image should be scanned in black and white to 600dpi and in JPEG format and emailed to michelle@sparkleceramics.com
When we receive the prints, we will change them to your chosen colours and create special transfers from them which we will apply to the mug and then kiln fire, creating a permanent and durable finish.
Made from:
It is very important to keep in mind the size and shape of the area available on the mug, which is; height 9 cm, width 24cm (wrapped around the entire body of the mug). If your prints are too big, we can resize them to make them small enough to fit if required. The biggest handprint on our sample mugs in the pictures above was created by our 6 year old, and her fingers just curl over the top onto the inside of the mug - this is also an option when hands are a teeny bit too big. Please check the size of your child's hand/feet before ordering.
The mugs are made from bone china. The designs are applied by hand and they are then kiln fired.
The mugs can take 2 handprints of full size, or one handprint and two little feet prints. For the purposes of choosing your colour options - a pair of baby feet that fit on one side of the mug, count as one print. You can have more than 2 prints but please be aware that these will almost certainly have to be reduced in size to make them all fit.
We can add text too, inbetween prints (as in our handprint mugs in the images above) or on the opposite side to the print if you just have one set of prints (as in our feet print mugs in the images above). You can also have the name and age of each child around their prints too.
We can also put a small amount of text on the mug handle and a short message on the base too. Please refer to the images above to see examples of these options.
There are 5 colour choices for the prints and the text - pink, purple, blue, green and orange. You can select the colour of each print, we will then chose the colour of the text to compliment your choices. (but please let us know if you would prefer a particular option).
Please note, the delivery of these items will take up to 10 days from the time we receive your prints back.
The mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.
Height 9.5cm; Width 8.5cm; Width including handle 12cm.

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